**UPDATE: the above video noted we would have 12 cats.  We have now been approved to shelter between 20-25 CATS!

Cat cafés aren't exactly well-known or widespread in the States. Here are some questions we get asked a lot.

What are your hours?

We are open from 10am-4pm on Sundays, 1pm-5pm on Tuesdays, and 10am-7pm Wednesday through Saturday. We are closed Monday to let the cats get some much needed rest!

What even is a cat café?

It's simple!  A cat café is a single location that serves food and beverages and allows patrons to interact with the resident cats.  On one side of the business is a café, then there is a dividing wall with a viewing window and double door entrance to the cat playroom, which is filled with 20 adoptable cats.  For an extra fee, you can take your beverage and edibles into the playroom to enjoy while cuddling cats.  Rest assured, there are no cats in the kitchen.  And, for those with allergies, you can still enjoy the cats from the safety of our viewing window, as we have a separate HVAC system for the café side.

Cat cafés first opened in Taiwan, and then spread to Japan, a country that has become particularly famous for its cat cafés. In fact, there are over 150 spread throughout the country. Cat cafés can now be found throughout the world, but especially in Asian countries.

Why would people want to visit a cat café?

People like cat cafés for lots of reasons. For one, some people just can't commit to owning a cat due to finances or transience.  However, that doesn't mean an individual should be deprived of quality cat time.  And what would be worse than someone pretending to be your friend just so they can hang out with your cat?  Tell them to come to Papa's!  Second, some people can't own pets due to landlord, student housing restrictions, or family allergies.  Those people want to pet cats, and we have cats who want to be pet.  It's win-win!  Another reason is the chance to meet a new forever-friend.

Do I need a reservation?

The short answer is 'no.' We have been able to accommodate most of our walk-in visitors thus far. However, we have had to turn a few folks away, especially on Saturdays, because we only allow 20 people in the cat playroom at a time. If you want to guarantee your spot, you should reserve. Also, your reservation comes with a free drip coffee (or equivalent drink value) and gives you the opportunity to fill out our online waiver before visiting the cafe. This will speed your visit along and get you to the cats faster!

Why do you let people adopt your cats?

Part of the American cat café model is to allow cats to meet and interact with humans in a more casual environment.  A cat cannot really show off its personality in a room full of cages or in a strange environment where everybody is treating it like a flight risk.  Cat cafés allow cats to relax and show people who they really are, which we hope will make it easier for folks to find their first forever-friend or meet a cat who is ready to join an already cat-occupied home.

What are the purple collars on your cats?

These are pheromone collars, which release scented hormones which calm anxious or aggressive cats. They are helpful when transitioning new cats to the café. We have placed these collars on cats prone to love nibbles or cats who are particularly shy. So please be delicate with cats wearing these collars.

Why do you have so many rules?  They're just cats!

As it turns out, we're actually kind of lenient in terms of rules.  In fact, in Japan, there are SO many cat cafes that there are federal guidelines dictating the rules at cat cafes for the safety of the cats.  And so, many cat cafes in the U.S. model some of their rules after the practices in Japan.  Additionally, many of our rules help ensure the safety of, and provide an overall pleasant experience for, a wide range of customers.

Can I bring my own cat/pet to hang out in the playroom?

No.  Please.  We have enough cats.  And your hamster will NOT have fun.

Do you serve sandwiches?

Seriously. We get this one a lot. We do not serve sandwiches. We have a small bakery and other small snacks, and if you'd like to know what you might find here, please visit our menu.

Rules & Regulations

See our reservations tab for a full listing of our policies.

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Photo by Melissa Jane Photography

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