Adopting a Cat

Who provides the cats?  What care has been provided to the cats?
We are thrilled to announcement our new partnership with Barnie’s Place Feline Rescue. The leaders of this group have been working in cooperation with the café since our opening. As such, they know exactly how meet the needs of a unique partnership with a cat cafe.

This volunteer-based group is focused trap-neuter-release of community cats, and ALSO providing essential care to community cats who need it most. The philosophy of Barnie’s Place and it’s group leaders is perfectly in line with the goal of our café, as we provide a safe, stable home for cats to acclimate and adjust until they find their furever home.

Barnie's Place Feline Rescue is an entirely foster-based organization whose passion is improving the lives of animals in our community, and whose group leaders have been involved in feline rescue for decades.  They provide care to kittens and cats of all ages and physical condition until they are successfully adopted into a family home.  A significant focus of our group is trap, spay/neuter and return (TNR) as an effort to reduce the overpopulation of cats.  This also improves the overall health of the cats in the community, reduces the number of animal intakes to local shelters and, over time, will make an impact on the number of feral and uncared for pets.  When Barnie’s Place volunteers trap kittens and cats who are able to be socialized, they first spend some time adjusting in foster homes before they make their way at the cafe.  When a cat is adopted from the café, another cat takes its place from a foster home.

Their cats receive several medical services to make them adoption ready for you, including the following:

  • They have been fostered for at least 2 weeks to allow ample observation time for illness, temperament, and to socialize the cat.
  • They have tested negative for FIV and feline leukemia.
  • They are provided de-wormer (and antibiotics if needed for illness).
  • They are given the required feline distemper and rabies vaccines.
  • They are micro-chipped for safety.
  • And, because Barnie’s Place is a no-kill group, all cats are spayed/neutered before arriving.
Some of our most favorite Board Members for Barnie's Place Feline Rescue!
Some of our most favorite Board Members for Barnie's Place Feline Rescue!

What is the adoption process?
You can fill out a digital adoption survey on our website or the website for Barnie’s Place Feline Rescue.   It will expedite the process for you if you fill it out once you begin considering a cat, even if you don’t know which cat, yet. Once you have completed your adoption survey, a volunteer will contact you via email. Please be patient and kind to our volunteer superheroes who work full time jobs and review these applications on the weekend. They work really hard and try to respond to applications within 1 week, but that is not always possible.  If a cat already has already received multiple applications (which happens often), it can take longer to get back to you.   Please wait to contact our rescue group for a follow up to your application until it's been two weeks without a response; there may have been error in contact info if more than 2 weeks pass.

If you are specifically interested in one of our café cats, you must visit the café to meet the cat(s). Barnie’s Place Feline Rescue will not approve the adoption of any café cat unless the adopter has met the cat in its home environment at the café. Adoptions always go to the “best fit home,” not the order submitted. Our feline rescue group has final determination on all adoption approvals, and if they feel the cat you would like is not the best fit, they will work to help you find the feline who best matches your needs. Remember, it’s about helping connect people and cats – we want you to find a fantastic feline, and we want the cats to live long and happy lives, too.

Once your survey is approved and you are matched with the “best fit” cat, Barnie’s Place Feline Rescue will arrange your adoption. Approved adoptions usually take place on Sundays at PetSmart. Times will be arranged between you and a rescue volunteer.

What do I bring with me on adoption day?   What should I have prepared?

  • Most important is a cat carrier!   You may not leave the adoption site without one.
  • Adoption fee is $100 for one cat or $150 for 2 cats.
  • Prepare your home for a cat by acquiring cat essentials: cat food, food/water dishes, litter box, litter, flea treatment, cat brush, nail trimmers, scratcher toys, etc.  Adopters often ask what food and litter we provide at the cafe so they can be consistent when the cat goes home.  Our cats are fed Purina One Indoor Formula, and we use World's Best Cat Litter.
  • Call a veterinarian to establish care for your cat.

Meet the Cats

We have two permanent residents, but the rest of our cats are adoptable. We'll do our best to keep this part of the page up to date. Hopefully our cats get adopted frequently enough to make that a challenge!

IMG_6873 3


Resident Cat (Male)

Pedro is our "Hemingway" cat. He is a four-foot polydactyl, with 24 toes in all.  He has grown in to those "kitten mittens," but he still pulls goofy stunts and is playful if he gets the right cat nip.  He has transitioned from lap cat to shoulder kitty and has a weird obsession with licking toes.   So be prepared.



Resident Cat (Male)

George actually belongs to one of our wranglers, but she was not able to provide him the vast amounts of love required to keep him happy.  He is is a cat who needs constant affection and by many people.  He was made for cat cafe life.  So he still has his mama, but is now in a place where he receives endless love.   He is also a dream cat with children of all ages!

Adoptable Cats

Our cats are being adopted at such a quick pace, it's best you search for the Barnie's Place Feline Rescue listing on  This site lists all of the cats available with our rescue group, but when you click on select cats you are interested in, you can see if they are at the cafe.