Welcome to Papa's Cat Cafe!

We are mid-Missouri's only cat cafe, offering kitty cuddles, tasty treats, and maybe a furry friend to take home!  We are located kitty corner from Eat Well Market.  Walk-in visits are welcome, but a RESERVATION gets you a FREE $4 specialty drink and guarantees your spot in the playroom with 20+ cats!  We encourage you to sign our entry waiver before visiting to maximize your experience.

Also, check out our Key West Club discount for regular visitors, as well as our monthly SPECIAL EVENTS like Wine Night, Book Club, Yoga, Children's Cat Academy, and more!

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What is a cat café?

It's a cafe with cats, of course!  On one side we have a small cafe with coffee and baked goods, and on the other side we have a cat playroom filled with 20 adoptable cats ready to be loved. Papa's Cat Café is central Missouri's first cat café, bringing cats and people together in an environment fit for both.

Our cat playroom is inspired by the home decor and life of Ernest "Papa" Hemingway, one of America's most interesting and influential authors. He also happened to love cats.  In fact, his famous Key West home now houses more than 50 polydactyl (extra toed) cats!

We are partnered with Boone County Animal Care to fill our cat playroom with adorable adoptable cats in order to improve the lives of homeless cats in our community and the lives of people who need more cat time (which is all of us, right?).

Papa's Cat Café is great place to gather with friends, family, colleagues, or a fun date night.  We serve Columbia's locally roasted Fretboard coffee. And, we provide people a chance to interact with lovable cats -- whether you are interested in adopting a cat for yourself, or if you cannot own a cat and just want kitten cuddles.

Visit the different tabs on our website to learn about reservations, parties, special events, our menu, FAQs, adoptions, and more.

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